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Recording from our first webinar: “The Challenges and Opportunities of Teaching Law and Technology” 

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The members of IFLA are academics committed to research and teaching of law, innovation, and new technologies. Realising that the transformations underway will have significant consequences for important issues like access to justice, and will also change curricula and teaching methods, we have come together to build a global network.

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Our next event is "ChatGPT + Legal Education: An Exploratory Discussion and Workshop" with @AprilGDawson @inspiredcat and @DanLinna - sign up now at https://t.co/S2mmQIj8GR

Our next event is "ChatGPT + Legal Education: An Exploratory Discussion and Workshop" with @AprilGDawson @inspiredcat and @DanLinna - sign up now at https://t.co/S2mmQIj8GR

Legal Data and Information in Practice: How Data and the Law Interact https://t.co/RNsYVPY9O9

Towards a use of “legal design thinking” techniques in tax law studies https://t.co/kkBAFdDmm2

The German Federal Constitutional Court declared the use of Palantir surveillance software by police in Hesse and Hamburg unconstitutional in a landmark ruling on Thursday (16 February). https://t.co/cQjgCH0shV

An Interview with ChatGPT on the Future of Law Practice https://t.co/YqHpct3GLp

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