Replacement or Collaboration? Imagining the Future(s) of Law, Lawyers & Justice

‘Replacement or Collaboration? Imagining the Future(s) of Law, Lawyers & Justice’ 

International Conference 

Tuesday 13 June 2023 

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Funded by the School of Law, University of Galway 

9.15 Registration 

9.30 Keynote speaker: Professor Cat Moon, Vanderbilt University Law School 

10.00 Futures of Law Teaching 

Chair: Dr Rónán Kennedy, University of Galway 

  • 10.00 ‘Meeting the Challenges of Technology: The Modern Law School’ (Prof Andy Unger, London South Bank University)  
  • 10.15 ‘Incorporating Generative AI in Legal Education – Pedagogical and Policy Lessons from An Early Case Study at LITE Lab@HKU’ (Prof Brian W Tang, University of Hong Kong)
  • 10.30 ‘Pressing A in Legal Education: Exploring the Use of Videogames as Supplementary Resource in Teaching Intellectual Property Law’ (Dr. Liam Sunner, Queen’s University Belfast) 

10.45 Discussion  

11.00 Break 

11.15 Futures of Law and Data 

Chair: Dr Abigail Rekas, University of Galway 

  • 11.15 ‘Artificial intelligence and legal decision-making process: Redesigning access to the European judge through automated decisions’ (Samira Allioui, Université de Strasbourg) [online] 
  • 11.30 ‘Investigating Semantic Textual Similarity in Legal Documents: A Sentence Transformer-Based Approach’ (Dr Rohit Verma, National College of Ireland and Dr Tanveer Ahmed, Bennett University)
  • 11.45 ‘Data in movements for social change’ (Prof Quisquella Addison, Northeastern University)
  • 12.00 ‘Establishing a Sector Specific Data Protection Impact Assessment for Irish Legal Analytics Services’ (Jennifer Waters, University College Dublin) 

12.15 Discussion 

12.30 Lunch 

13.15 Futures of Legal Practice 

Chair: Alison Hough BL, Technological University of the Shannon 

  • 13.15 ‘AI for the Irish solicitors’ profession: use, awareness and attitudes’ (Dr Brian Barry, Technological University Dublin)
  • 13.30 ‘Transforming the Profession and Transforming the Law School: A research agenda from NI’ (Prof John Morison and Dr Ciarán O’Kelly, Queen’s University Belfast) [online] 
  • 13.45 ‘Asking the Question: Legal Expertise and Generative AI’ (Audrey Fried, Osgoode Hall Law School) [online]  
  • 14.00 ‘End of the Legal Ice Age’ (Marc Lauritsen, Capstone Practice Systems and Suffolk University Law School) [online] 

14.15 Discussion 

14.30 Break 

14.45 Futures of Justice 

Chair: Prof Andy Unger, London South Bank University

  • 14.45 ‘Responsible AI in the Delivery of Legal Services’ (Larry Bridgesmith, Vanderbilt University) [online] 
  • 15.00 ‘The public inaccessibility of digitalized legal sources as a reason of unequal access to law and justice in the Czech Republic’ (Tereza Novotná, Masaryk University)
  • 15.15 `The Ethics and Legality of Integrating Large Language Models into Legal Education (Dr Rónán Kennedy, University of Galway) 

15.30 Discussion 

15.45 Futures of Law Plenary Discussion 

16.30 Close