‘Continuity or Crisis? The Future of Law after Technological Change’

International Future of Law Association


Continuity or Crisis? The Future of Law after Technological Change

International Conference
Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 July 2024

Vanderbilt Law School, Nashville, Tennessee, USA

(Hybrid event – remote presentations possible)

The rapid growth in sophistication and apparent capacity of so-called ‘artificial intelligence’ combines with several other forces for change in law and legal services, such as the increasing use of in-house counsel, out-sourcing and off-shoring, the widening gap in access to legal help and legal information, and the rise of alternative legal service providers. These combine to create a narrative of crisis and discontinuity in the discipline and practice of law, but its long history and its characteristics – particularly as a regulated market – may make it resistant to change. Nonetheless, these dynamics provide fruitful scope for research and require critical perspectives, whether optimistic or sceptical of the changes that may be coming. The International Future of Law Association (IFLA) exists to bring together academics across the world who are researching and teaching on topics such as innovation, the future of law, and the role of technology.

In order to explore and debate these issues, papers are invited from scholars and practitioners for a conference on the use of technology in legal education, legal practice, in the legal services market, and in courts and other dispute resolution contexts worldwide. Abstracts (maximum 300 words) to be submitted by Friday 19 April 2024.

Topics include (but are not limited to):

  • The future of legal services in a digitised context
  •  The rise of legal analytics
  • In-house counsel and legal technologies
  • Access to justice and technology
  • Regulation of artificial intelligence in the legal services market
  • Digital technology, dispute resolution & access to justice
  • New online business models for lawyers
  • Researching the digital transformation in law
  • Redesigning the digital curriculum
  • The impact of generative AI on teaching, learning & assessment
  • Shared practice – an opportunity to make a brief presentation to introduce your teaching or research and get feedback from colleagues

Important Dates

Submission Deadline: Friday 19 April 2024.
Acceptance Notification: Friday 26 April 2024.
Conference: Monday and Tuesday 22 and 23 July 2024.

Submissions and enquiries to: info@futureoflawassociation.org.

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