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Who We Are

The members of IFLA are academics committed to research and teaching of law, innovation, and new technologies. Realising that the transformations underway will have significant consequences for important issues like access to justice, and will also change curricula and teaching methods, we have come together to build a global network.

Some of us have backgrounds in other disciplines, such as computer science or information systems. Some are experts in digital learning and digital lawyering. Some are not technical but are interested in the potential of new tools for better access to justice and to protect human rights. We all have questions to ask about whether and how the future of law can be made better by technology.

Our Mission & Goals

We aim to bring together academics across the world who are researching and teaching on topics such as innovation, the future of law, and the role of technology, in order to share materials, organise events, and provide a space for information-sharing and capacity-building.

Through our series of events, we bring together academics from around the world to share knowledge and experience of the rapidly-changing nature of law and legal practice in an increasingly digital age.

Through this website, we share news, examples of best practice, and contact information so that researchers and teachers can learn from each other.

IFLA Commitee

The development of IFLA is driven by a small group of academics around the world. Do you have something to contribute? Get in touch and join us!

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